Game Art 3D

2015 – MINIONS PARADISE (Same date release with the movie in summer)

(Maya, Photoshop, Unity)

2012 – JETSET SECRETS (Hidden Object Game)

(Maya, Max, Flash, Photoshop; Detective/Billionaire/Evening-Golden Hour/Land+Marina)
Player’s Home Base


(Maya, Photoshop)

2007 – WORD RIOT

(Maya, Photoshop; Original concept created by Sara Slocum)

2006 – BONK 3D Pitch

(Maya, Photoshop)

2004 – Contract Work

(Maya – Modeled/Rigged/Textured, Photoshop; Concept done by others)

Earlier Works ~ 2003

(Maya, Softimage, Lightwave; Student Work)

2003 Calavera – Concept, Modeled, Textured, Rigged, Animated in Maya. French Alley – Concept, Modeled, Textured in Softimage

2000 Frankenstein Lab (Lightwave). 2003 Generic Character for Animation Studies (Softimage; Modeled, Rigged)