2012 Jetset Secrets

A Hidden Object Game on Facebook.  I led in the development of the players’ billionaire sleuthing HQ estate.  I created the concept art of the environment, then created the core buildings, upgrade tiers, decorative elements.  I partnered up with Michael Filippoff who created the amazing main mansion, bridge, and several of the main buildings.  He also had the great idea of setting the lighting in a dusky, golden hour atmosphere and created the shader for it.  I worked with the engineers to figure out the technical aspects, especially on grid units and how to allocate them between land and marina.  Eventually I scoped the full art inventory, then managed and art directed the outsourcing team to take over.

Tools: Maya, some 3D Max, Photoshop

Below were some of the core assets I created that set tone for the outsourcers.

Notice above the end pieces and segment pieces of the fence, brick walls is creatively constructed that can either stand alone artfully or tile seamlessly showing no gap spaces.

Below are a concept to final rendering comparison.  One major challenge is to figure out how to build and grid underwater structures, such that in the marina they don’t take up extra grids, nor get overlapped on.  There is also the challenge of centering them in product menus.

Halloween & Winter Releases

These were multiple pieces that can combine into a compound or placed separately.


Animation becomes more complex by the tiers.

Character Concept Art

A line of characters drawn to get a filler whether we would settle for a sexy 60’s style or the gritty Kill Bill modern style.

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