About Me

For years I have the bestest job dreaming up all game art imaginable.  This further plateaued directing games like Choices: Stories You Play, which was similar to a Netflix platform hosting massive story productions.  At that point every genres became our playground and sandbox. 

I found myself having an instinct at getting users engaged, perhaps even hooked.  And this was when I started asking the questions whether if I could offer the world other substances than entertainments.  This was why I now make a shift toward UX design, hoping to bring smiles and fulfillments to my users in more ways possible.

Another odd superpower I may have was not avoiding awkward encounters.  I don’t mind enduring through silences or idle chatters.  The genuine connections and the simplicity of human kindness exchanged was what is valuable.  Building a persistent team that shares comfort, humility, and trust often requires time and an ear more than charismatic speeches.

However I throw away all accountability when I spy…

  • 🏖 A creek to jump in.
  • 🎲 A board game to play.

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