2009 Minigolf Madness

We achieved our ambition that not only creating a game, but also a minigolf course creator for the internal artist to continue building new, thematic courses in live releases.  As the sole artist on this project, I created everything including UI menu & pop-ups, art assets, icons & badges, celebration animations, and so on.  I worked closely with the engineers to overcome various technical challenges, and eventually resulted with a robust course creator.  Then I pushed the tool to its limits, creating three 18-hole courses to set the tone and standard.

Tools: Maya, Photoshop.

The last image shows all the interactive or decorative or power-up props used in the game.  Every element was derived from the themes of the many popular games on Pogo platform, thus giving a treat for the hardcore fans and a chance to cross promote between the Pogo games.

Fun power-up animation moments

UI elements.  The game host characters and the collectible golf club gloves and achievement badges are also based off Pogo themes.

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