2022 - UX Wireframes and UI Graphics

Figma: Wireframes, High Fidelity Screens.  See prototype video demo in Case Study: LastMinuteGear.

Figma: Wireframes and Mid-Fidelity Screens.  See prototypes and animations in Case Study: VoteSmart

Figma: Design and prototyped a stubborn On/Off Switch simulation.  

Figma: Just a bunch of UI practices.  Some mimic’ed existing screen styles.

2015 - For Fun

2013 Monopoly Slots

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Maya.  Art created based off Hasbro’s Monopoly style guide.  Mr. Monopoly was made by other artists.

2011 Monopoly Millionaires

Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop.  A mix of Playfish style under Hasbro Monopoly style guidelines.

2010 Reality Show Stock Exchange

Photoshop, Illustrator

2008 Trivial Pursuit Daily 20

Photoshop, Maya, Particle Illusion

2008 Mahjong Safari


2005 ~ 2007 Pre-Smartphone Mobile Games

Photoshop, Maya

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