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Game Artist

  • 10-year veteran in game development.
  • Experience across a broad range of genres from Illustration to vector, realism to stylizations, 2D to 3D.
  • Capable in any discipline including concept art, modeling, painting, animation, UI, etc.
  • Takes on lead role such as, scoping plans, setting styles, asset tracking, training, and outsourcing.

Howard is multi-talented … and can pick up new styles and software very quickly. He also is very technically inclined and has always worked closely with engineers … Howard is great at thinking outside of the box … I have very often been amazed at the creative solutions he has arrived at … a great team member.”

– Michelle Graham, Art Director, Electronic Arts (from 2011-2015) http://linkedin.com/in/howardhsing

Electronic Arts, Inc. – Redwood City, CA  (2013-2015)
Senior Game Artist

For 7 years, on a game team as a multi-skilled artist, I had extensive production experience on all disciplines. I was often assigned to the artistically demanding areas of the production. Additionally, I took on lead responsibilities such as asset tracking, style setting, training, outsourcing, etc.

2015 Minions Paradise, (Mobile) to-be-released in July with the movie

  • ‪Environment Artist: 3D modeled, rigged and textured buildings and decorations assets.
  • Implemented 3D assets and made art adjustments within Unity.
  • Created concept art

2014 The Simpsons Tapped Out (Mobile)

  • ‪Constructed and animated environment art such as buildings and decorations in Flash.
  • Created concept art, also in Flash.
  • Maintain a healthy and strong communication remotely with teammates at Prince Edward Island.
  • Worked within the strict style constraint of the Simpson’s brand holder Gracie and Film Roman.
  • Represented the team to be trained first, and then trained the teammates.

2013 Monopoly Slots (Mobile)

  • Lead the art team setting the aesthetic style on the primary assets (the slots machines and bonus games).
  • Created slots machines and slots symbol art assets in 2D using vector, photoshop and in 3D using Maya. Animated and generated FX sequence for slots symbols in Flash.
  • Created background illustrations using Illustrator and Photoshop
  • UI: created popups, HUD elements, lists for bonus game and tournament features.
  • Worked within Hasbro’s artistic demands.
  • Constructed and maintained asset repository.       Developed naming conventions.
  • Trained and Coordinated with outsource contractors, supplying daily feedbacks, style guides and technical advices.
  • Trained Hyderabad artist as we ramped off from this game.
Electronic Arts, Playfish – San Francisco, CA (2010-2013)
Promoted to Senior Game Artist

2012 JetSet Secrets (Facebook Social)

  • Co-developed the world and building styles with concept art and rendered art.
  • 3D modeled and textured environment art in Maya. Animated in Flash.
  • Created character and environment concept art.
  • Constructed and maintained asset repository. Developed all naming conventions.
  • Scoped out environment art production plan and post-release plan.
  • Trained and managed relationship with outsource contractor in China.       Also provided technical advice, style guide, and daily feedbacks.
  • Participated in hiring process.

2011 Monopoly Millionaires (Facebook Social)

  • This game was fully vector.  Used mainly Illustrator and Flash.
  • Co-created the look and feel of the game within Playfish and Hasbro’s brand and artistic demands.
  • UI: created assets in Illustrator and Flash including popups, mini-games, notifications, promos, marketing, store, animations.
  • Environment: created and animated environment art such as buildings and decorations in Illustrator and Flash.
  • Coordinated with outsource contractors.       Provided daily feedbacks.
  • Lead the art team when there was no art director.
  • Participated in hiring process.
Electronic Arts, Pogo – Redwood City, CA (2007-2010)
Game Artist

2010 Reality Show Stock Exchange (Online Social – did not launch)

  • The only artist, created all the art assets.       This was an UI-heavy game.

2009 Mini Golf Madness (Online Social)

  • The only artist created concept art, illustrations, 2D & 3D production art, UI, and animation/FX using Photoshop, Maya, Particle Illusion.
  • Environment Artist: This is an environment-heavy game.       Built various functional props and decoration assets with imaginations going above and beyond any competitions.
  • Level Designer: Constructed 3 beautiful and innovative 18-hole courses.

2009 Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 (Online Social)

  • The only artist created concept art, illustrations, 2D & 3D production art, UI, and animation/FX using Photoshop, Maya, Particle Illusion.
  • Environment Artist: Created game background in 3D

2008 Mahjong Safari (Online Social)

  • The only artist, created concept art, illustrations, 2D & 3D production art, UI, and animation/FX using Photoshop, Maya, Particle Illusion.
  • One of the most successful game at Pogo. Commended by peers and clients, turning a simple schematics into a fun, beautiful and educational family game for all ages.

2007 Word Riot (Online Social – did not launch)

  • 3D modeled and textured the menu and in-game scenes according to the concept art.
GenPlay Games – Game Artist (2005-2007)
Game Production Artist

This was a mobile game company in the pre-smartphone days.  I was a cross-function artist responsible for concept art, in-game art, illustrations, UI, marketing art and promotional trailers.

Muncher, Viral Attack, Pool Pro 2, vPoker Online, Stack’um, Dominos

  • Painted all the in-game, avatar portrait, and splash screen illustrations.
  • Became experienced in sprite animations and background tile sets.
  • Worked on marketing ads and banners, as well as game promotion trailers
Freelancing – Cupertino, CA (2004-2006)
3D Modeler/ Texture Artist/ Illustrator/ Concept Artist

Freelancing by utilizing various skills including modeling, texturing, painting illustrations, and creating concept art.

2006 Bonk 3D Game Pitch to Hudson Soft Entertainment

  • Built environmental props.
  • Created Bonk, creatures, and villains concept art, illustrations and model sheets.

2004 Hero Interactive

  • 3D modeled, textured and rigged the robot.
  • Painted title screen illustration.

Software: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects, Particle Illusion, Maya, some 3D Max, Unity, etc.

Lead Experience: Setting art styles, scoping production plans, tracking and organizing team assets, training & mentoring, solution solving, hiring resource, managing outsource contractors.

Core Competencies: Traditional art foundation, unorthodox imaginations, forward thinking, creative problem solver, efficient, consistent, and reliable.

Languages: Speaks, read and write English and Chinese.  Can also read Japanese and German.

Management Blox – Redwood City, CA (2011)
  • A Multi-session course at Electronic Arts University.
  • Trained on managerial skills to mentor and motivate the team, and actively reflect and measure self as a manager.

Cogswell Polytechnical College – Sunnyvale, CA (2003)

Bachelor of Art 

  • Majoring in Computer and Video Imaging.  Focused on Modeling and Animation.
  • Also included: traditional art development and strengthening, trained in digital illustration, video editing, special effects, motion capture, and web design.
  • Awarded Dean Honor 2003.
Foothill College – Los Altos Hills, CA (2003)
Associate Certification
  • Achieve Certification of Japanese Language and Culture.
  • Awarded 2001 Foothill College Language Arts Division Outstanding Achievement in Japanese.
Monta Vista High School – Cupertino, CA (1999)
Diploma with 3.1 GPA
  • Awarded 1999 North County ROP (Regional Occupational Program) Director’s Award (1st place in art contest).
  • Awarded 1999 Monta Vista High School Matador Recognition Award: in Arts.

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