About Me

I am Howard Hsing, a game artist making games since 2005.  I am the versatile type who can be assigned to work on any aspect of the art disciplines.  For the past 10 years, I have done plenty of environment, UI, Illustrations, concept art, animation, as well as many other kinds of game contents.  I have worked for EA the last 7 years, shipped about 10 titles, and most still enjoy success today.

I have mostly been in the Social/Casual/Mobile field, having mileage on both 2D and 3D-intensive games.  I have a deep artistic foundation, which allows me to adapt to any aesthetic spectrum with ease.  On top of that I also learn new technology with efficiency, always the team rep to be trained first so I can then train others.  Software I excel at include but not limited to Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Maya, etc.  As a senior artist, I am often the one taking the lead to determine visual directions, scope out plans, organize and track assets, looking out for the teammates, etc.  My employers finds me very resourceful filling in gaps wherever needed project after project.

Outside my profession, I am just another normal guy doing everyday things.  I go on hikes, travel on long weekends, exchange weekend adventure ideas, and I enjoy my church life.  I am happily married with a loving wife, an enthusiastic explorer in cuisines, spinning up something new and fancy looking on the table every night.  (She maintains a cooking blog sharing her inventions).  We live in a cozy little apartment in San Francisco.  Yet we still can’t part with our two cars, why?

Please have a look at my portfolio and sumé.  And I look forward to get in touch with you!

Last update: April 20, 2015

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