My brother and I used to buy and glue together papers and we would just draw and draw these panoramic, epic battles and told stories from beginning to end.  Yes, we always end the illustrated stories.  Where is the fun if our saga did not end with a climatic closure.

I started drawing young. Growing up dissecting all sorts of mangas, movies, games, and transmuting various styles seemed to give me a special instinct to make something from good, to something captivating and attractive to the beholders.  It played to my strength with my last gig as an art director, for overseeing adaptations on countless genres that impressed each set of intended audiences.

Skipping to present, it marks the sixteenth year working in the mobile game industry.  Seemingly successful, I somehow decided that I do not always want to define myself with a single career path.  So in 2022, I took a six month pause to begin training as an UX designer.  What will this new skillset take me?  I am not quite sure either!

Another fun fact, off the résumé, from 2015-2016 I attended a two-year training on how to care for people in the church.  This was also very much translatable to caring for people at work, and I truly find value fostering a warm and healthy professional environment for everyone.  Personally I feel that I have done it pretty well thus far.

Besides work, there is the church, spending week nights and weekends for the wellbeing of various individuals.  Hobby-wise, I discovered board gaming in the past five years.  There is something about feeling immersive in thematic gaming experiences around the table with friends, handling hefty cardboard pieces.   Maybe I am playing a little too much, I should get back to learning new things…

— To be continued.

Last update: February 2022

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